About us

José María Gómez

A passion

Travel and discovering the new.

A quirk
Tying my shoelaces twice… Wouldn’t want to trip!

A place
Monfragüe National Park, Cáceres.

A character
Pippi Longstockings

A quote
“Everything grand, majestic and beautiful in this world was born and was forged inside man, thanks to a single idea or a single feeling. Every true and positive event that happened to us during the past centuries was a secret idea hidden in the reason and mind of a man before being realized.” Gibran Jalil Gibran
I dare you to follow his advice!


Silje Sommerfeldt
Sub director

A passion
Chocolate! I love dark chocolate.

A quirk
Always being the one to set the table.

Favourite place
A comfy arm chair with a cup of tea.

A character
My mother!

A phrase
Du må bare elske språket = Just love the language! ! The best advice for learning a foreign language.

Juan Rebollo Botejuan1
Professor of Spanish history and culture

A passion
Visiting castles and monasteries

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
The perfect interaction between man and nature.

An impossible wish
To travel through time.

A quirk
I fold my clothes perfectly.

What is your favourite hobby?
To read while it’s raining heavily outside…

A character
Willy Fog

A phrase
“To wander or to stay put? It is as bad to stay in one place during your years of  youth, which demand exploration and struggle, as it is to wander when the culmination of the years and fatigue require peace and calm” Miguel de Cervantes