Who we are?


Lingvida is a young company which was created with the aim of providing its services in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and the organisation of intercultural exchanges and linguistic immersion. In our quest for a personalised and professional service, we organise programmes of different duration which combine the learning or the perfecting of the Spanish language with cultural, sport and recreational activities.

Through our cultural exchange and linguistic immersion programs, we try to offer our students a fascinating journey where adventure, languages and cultures are mixed together. All of our services are carried out by professionals with many years of experience, who love their work and wish to share their knowledge with both young and old people from everywhere in the world. This ensures that our students will receive training of the highest quality. This quality guarantee and our constant dedication to a job well-done sets us apart from the rest.

In the courses and programs that Lingvida offers, we try to demonstrate the passion that we feel when teaching Spanish and welcoming students from other cultures. This is a feeling which we strive to share with whoever decides to learn Spanish in this different, original and fun way. We are confident that a stay at one our schools will be a very fulfilling experience.


The biggest reward that we could receive would be seeing that our students are satisfied by our services and knowing that we have fulfilled their expectations. Equally important is that, through our cultural exchange and linguistic immersion programs, we offer a syllabus whose objective promotes a better cultural, social and political understanding about the other societies and countries.


We believe that the process of learning a language doesn’t stop at the explanation of a teacher. When arriving in a new country a student is constantly exposed to different communicative, cultural and social hurdles which they must overcome outside the classroom. These small challenges require the student to constantly interpret their surroundings in order to understand them. With the aim of recreating these kinds of situations, the programs that we offer in Lingvida are structured around the basic idea of education in action. This teaching method exposes the student to continuous learning through participation in different activities, workshops, trips and conferences which will give them invaluable information and knowledge to better understand the country which they are visiting.